Freshly Cut Flowers

You may wish to ensure that the grave is looking its best with the addition of a choice of freshly cut flowers which our specialist grave carers will hand deliver to your loved one's final resting place. The cost of this service starts at just £1.50 per month or £17 per annum (including the cost of the flowers).

Here are our favourite choices:


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Tulips: Available Spring
From the Turkish for turban, after its rounded form. Botanical name Tulipa. In the Victorian language of flowers red tulips are a declaration of love.


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Daffodils: Available Spring
First cultivated by the Romans. there are over 25,000 varieties in shades of yellow, white, orange and peachy pink.


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Chrysanthemums: Usually Available All Year
Comes from the Greek "krus anthemon" meaning gold flower. However nowadays they come in many colours.


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Freesias: Usually Available All Year
Almost unknown until the 1950s, Freesias are now among the most popular and widely grown cut flowers in the world.


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Iris: Usually Available All Year
Iris means "rainbow" in Greek. Garden irises come in a broad spectrum of colours, but cut flower irises are mostly blue, white and yellow like the summer sky.


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Carnations: Usually Available All Year
The UKs most popular cut flowers. Very long lasting. Dianthus, its botanical name, means divine flower.

Seasonal availability of UK flowers may require our grave carers to substitute flowers which are similar in style and quality.