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If you donít know the grave number, we can find it for a one off fee of £12

Please find the grave for £12

1. Now choose the Gravecare package that best suits you

Pay annually to receive a discount on the overall cost.

Tendings PA Annually
SingleCare 1 £90.00
DoubleCare 2 £135.00
SeasonCare 4 £215.00
SeasonCare Plus 6 £275.00
MonthlyCare 12 £425.00

If you wish to have your tendings carried out around two special dates of your choice, please complete the section below:

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2. Fresh Flowers

Make sure the grave is always looking itís best with freshly cut flowers, seasonal plants or bulbs. Our specialist grave carers will chose what is most appropriate for the grave, based on the time of year, its type, size and location. All of our selections have been carefully chosen based on the appropriateness for UK cemeteries and churchyards.

Seasonal fresh cut flowers (£17 per visit) £17.00
No Flowers

3. Seasonal bulbs/plants

(Maximum of three visits per annum Spring/Summer/Winter)

Spring £25.00
Spring/Summer £50.00
Spring/Summer/Winter £75.00

If you have any colour preferences from our listed choices of flowers, bulbs and plants, please let us know and our grave carers will endeavour to help