Prices & Discounts

Care Package No. of visits†per annum Package Description Pay Monthly Pay Yearly
SingleCare 1 An annual visit to the grave of your loved one. Perfect for an older grave that you want to ensure doesnít fall into disrepair. £10.99 £125.00
DoubleCare 2 With our DoubleCare option, visits are made twice a year, to carry out full care and maintenance. This is a good choice if you live some distance away. £15.99 £185.00
SeasonCare 4 Alternatively, why not choose our SeasonCare package where our specialist grave carers visit once per quarter (Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn). Designed for those who find regular visits unmanageable, ensuring the grave is always looking tidy and well cared for. £22.99 £265.00
SeasonCare Plus 6 All the benefits of our SeasonCare package plus two additional visits of your choice to ensure that the grave is tidy for maybe an anniversary, birthday or Motherís or Fatherís day, or any other day that is special to you. £28.99 £335.00
MonthlyCare 12 Our most popular option, providing continuous, all year round care. By choosing Monthlycare, you can be assured that the grave will always be looking it's best. (includes two special days at no extra cost). Particularly suitable for families who want to share the responsibility of looking after a loved oneís final resting place. £45.99 £545.00

Additional Options available:

A 5% discount on the cost of your chosen care package if one or more additional graves are tended at the same location.

A further 5% discount is offered towards any future work undertaken if you can recommend a friend or relative to us who chooses to book one of our SeasonCare, SeasonCare Plus or MonthlyCare tending plans.

The flexibility to pay in monthly instalments, or annually to receive a discount against the overall cost.

We accept personal cheques and standing orders made out to a UK bank.

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